Officine Meccaniche Toscane S.p.A. work in the oil sector since 1936.
80 years of experience, always turned to the construction of machines and complete plants for the extraction of oil from olives, allow us to offer flexible installation solutions, reliable and technologically advanced.

Officine Meccaniche Toscane S.p.A. operating successfully since 1936 in the production of machines for the production of olive oil, a sector characterized by constant research to process innovations where Officine Meccaniche Toscane present themselves as the ideal partner for those oil firms oriented towards the growth and profits.

The technology and the reliability of a large facility … collected in 20 m2.
The Pegaso 500 is the only plant small plant on the market that guarantees quality and performance of the product equal to the new plants to increased capacity made by Officine Meccaniche Toscane.

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Production activities and administrative resides in a modern and well equipped factory site in Grassina (FI) with total covered area of 5000 m2, plus 740 m2 of available services and the administrative offices and forecourts for 2500 m2.

It was also created another factory adjacent to other covered a total of 1300 m2 to be used as warehouse finished machines.


The quality of the final product is the first competitive factor in a growing market

The raw material yield is crucial to achieving and maintaining the economic – financial

Good management requires a perfect qualitative and quantitative calibration of the instruments used.