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Fotografia anteprima Impianto Pegaso 1000 conto terzi

Pegaso 1000 automatic line (contracting)

  • Hourly capacity
    1000 Kg/h
  • Electrical absorption
    25 KW
  • Drum internal lenght
    255.00 mm
  • Drum useful lenght
    1255 mm
  • Floor space approx
    35 sq.m.

The single machines that compose the installation can also be built and sold individually

Some of these machines are described in the News / Industry News section

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  • Tipper for bins
  • Belt elevators
  • Deleafing with sorting system (cleaning system)
  • Olive washing systems
  • Crushers (rollers, knives, hammers)
  • Kneader groups (both modular and not-modular)
  • Decanter
  • Vertical separators
  • Destoner
  • Filter baskets