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The automatic-cycle continuos system of 2,5/3 t/h is equipped with the horizontal centrifuge Euro X30.

EURO X 30 doesn’t need any vertical centrifugal separator at the end of the process, thanks to the renewed and exclusive design of the scroll and of the oil collecting system. The oil flowing out from the decanter is impurity free and the vegetation water doesn’t contain oil at all.

The Euro Series decanter are fitted with a new oil collecting system from the chamber through a centripetal pump: the oil is gently taken without shaking, with an increase in the final product quality.

This solution is entirely modular: the model of crushers, kneaders and washing machines may be   choose by the customer. (see the products section for further details)

This plant solution is made up of:
  • a charge hopper;
  • a screw elevator for the olives transport to the deleafer-washing group;
  • a deleafer;
  • a hydropneumatic washing-machine;
  • a screw elevator for the olives transport to the crusher;
  • an innovative two-stage mechanical crusher, entirely made up in stainless steel: the fruit pulp is removed at the first stage; the crushing of the stone and of the residual pulp is completed at the second stage. The two-stage crushing prevents the oil to acquire too strong and bitter taste;
  • a 4/6C kneader;
  • Superdecanter Euro X 30

For the total quality and hygiene all parts in contact with the olives paste are in high quality stainless steel.

Installed power : 50 KW

Overall dimensions : 150 m²

Hourly capacity : 2500 – 3000 Kg/h