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Fotografia anteprima prodotto: Frangitore a coltelli sequenziali

SFR knives crusher

It is an original and innovative crushing system consisting of sequential knives breaking elements, with vertical rotation axis. Since the axis of rotation of the breaking elements is vertical, it guarantees a correct 360° crushing through the holes in the grid, and ensures that the paste comes out naturally from the holes of the grid itself without any constipation, thus eliminating the effect of a possible heating of the paste generated by other pressing systems. The crusher is also equipped with an innovative washing system consisting of rotating blades equipped with sprayers for instant and / or continuous washing of the grid-knives group and of the paste collection chamber. The latter also feeds the mono-screw transfer pump below the group. Completely made of stainless steel, the sequential knife crusher guarantees high production capacities without significantly impacting processing temperatures.