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Fotografia anteprima prodotto: Decanter Pegaso 1000

Pegaso 1000 decanter

Innovative centrifuge (two-phase system) with horizontal axis for the production of olive oil, which works without adding mixing water and without using final separators with vertical axis.

TBD - Twin Bowl Decanter

This decanter is equipped with a special drum. Thanks to its design, the oil moisture proceeds along all the drum length; this increases the permanence of the olive paste inside the drum and permits to recover a higher quantity of product of very high quality. 
The main innovation concerns the clarification run of the product inside the drum: the oil moisture enters (at low speed) a second drum located in the centre; all the mucilage and suspension bodies are eliminated by the running of the oil moisture through all the second drum length.
This allows to obtain a very high quality olive oil.

Capacity approx 800-1000 kgs/h of olives